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Yeah Moment

YeahMoment Mirror Photo Booth Selfie Magic 40" Mirror Photo Booth

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This magic Mirror Photo Booth can be configured with different languages, has a touch screen, can be connected to a printer to print photos, and has a Mini PC of i5 8GB 256GB.

About software: 1 of default software is DSLRBooth. The DSLRBooth function is template, tools, print&gif, gif, boomerang, ect. DSLRBooth share QR Code, email, ams(texting), Twitter, print.

40inches magic mirror photo booth with 22inches touch screen.

Strong Metal, Tempered Glass

We use protective film & foam inserts +protable flight case + outer wooden case. please do not worry, we will make sure the booth delivered to you safely.

3 Year From the time you receive the goods, we will provide you with 3 year warranty service. If there is any problem with the machine, we will send you the replacement parts and provide you with technical support.


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You will get the tracking number within 72 hours after payment.
We ship it to your door by EXPRESS SERVICE.

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1) When the product is running, please ensure that there are no obstacles within 1 meter around the product to prevent theproduct from being damaged due to the rotating collision of the product.

2) When the product is running and rotating, please make sure that thereare no children and young children standing nearby to avoid the dangerof collision.
3) When children use this product, please make sure that theuse of the product is accompanied by a guardian.

4) This product can be used outdoors, but in case of heavy rain, pleaseplace this product indoors to prevent the product from short circuit causedby rain.

5) Please place this product in an indoor environment at room temperatureto avoid placing it in a humid location to prevent short circuit of the controller.

6) Avoid storing the product in places with strong magnetic fields and seriousdust or high temperature places.

7) Do not give strong impact or blow to the product.

8) lf the controller of the product is in poor contact or cannot be used, pleasedo not connect the controller with other types of controllers to avoid shortcircuit damage to the motor of the photo booth. Please contact the manufacturer to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Repair or replace.

9) This product does not have a waterproof function. lf the product isimmersed in water, please disconnect the power supply at the first timeto avoid the danger of electric shock and prevent the circuit from shortcircuit to ensure your safety.


What is a 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 photo booth creates a revolutionary experience through the use of your camera. While guests stand on an elevated platform, a slow motion arm captures a video from all angles. The end result is an unforgettable memory made for events of all kinds.

Why buy a 360 Photo Booth?

Our 360 photo booth will turn your ordinary birthday party into an Oscars after party. The 360 photo booths are great for all events like weddings, themed parties, VIP events, & much more! With our 360 photo booth, guests can take unique 360 shots of themselves that will surely be the highlight of the event .Our photo booth features exceptional technology that allows the arm attached to its stationary platform, capture a 360 view from any video camera. This unique photo booth will create an exclusive piece of content that’s shareable within seconds. Our photo booths are suitable for guests of all ages, and will surely entertain kids and adults all day long. Create a memory that will last a lifetime with our 360 photo booths!

How do I use the 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 photo booth is automatic, lightweight, and portable! It doesn’t matter if you’re using it outdoors, indoors, or in any type of setting. It’s durable and incredibly easy to set-up. You don’t have to be a pro to take your photo booth to the next level! No need for fancy cameras and equipment, whatever photo-taking device you have works perfectly with our 360 photo booth. Experience the fun from our photo booth with any smartphone, tablet, DSLR camera, or even a GoPro, our 360 photo booth can support its weight. All you have to do is hop on the photo booth’s platform, attach your camera, and the 360 photo booth will do the rest for you!

Where can I use the 360 Photo Booth?

When you buy a 360 photo booth you create value not just for birthdays or weddings. Our 360 camera booth works great for corporate events, businesses, and marketing campaigns as well! You can personalize all the video content from this photo booth with your brand’s logo or your event’s theme and your guests will surely want to share their fun and unique 360 camera booth videos across different social media platforms. This is a rare and entertaining way to promote your brand that also leaves your guests with a memorable after-party token. With all these options, guests will have no problem sharing their photo booth videos online. Because this is a 360 photo booth, it is easily customizable to fit any event’s theme. You can add lights or banners to the background to make the 360 videos more personalized to your needs. It’s easy and convenient!

How long does it take to receive my 360 Photo Booth once I place my order?

Standard product received within about 4-7 days after shipment,Customized Product within about 10-15 days.

How can I make money with a 360 Photo Booth?

Buy a 360 Photo Booth and start a rental business with it! You could literally make all of your money back in just 2 to 3 events! The average rental for a 360 photo booth is around $500 per hour! 

For example: One 3 hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

Do this twice in one month: 2 x $1500 = $3000 Your investment will be fully paid off quicker than you would think!

Do the 360 Photo Booths come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our products come with a 1 year manufacture warranty.

How to add my logo? Is there a charge?

We provide free customized LOGO service, please remember to contact us and send your logo to us after you complete the order.
If you don't have your own logo, you can also contact us to tell us your idea, and we can design the logo for you for free.


More Details

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All products have 1 year warranty.

Our 360 booths are made for portability and easy set up.

All our booths can easily be set up in minutes at the events.

With the portable travel case with wheels you can do events anywhere.

Design Your Own Logo

Design your unique logo for free.
Build Your Own Brand & Start Your 360 Business.

Please send us your order number and name by email when you complete your order.


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